Glamaze with Trish Wescoat of Haute Hippie


Glamaze had such a great time with Trish Wescoat, Founder and Creative Director of Haute Hippie, when she visited Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills to view her current collection. What an incredible journey through the fashion industry Trish has been through, from her start with Calvin Klein, earning her way up to President of Women’s Contemporary for Theory and Michael Kors to being a game changer to several other brands. Trish then launched Haute Hippie in 2008. As a “citizen of the world,”  she recognized that there was a place for her to create a unique brand, a collaboration of all her travels, she calls “RoBo,” rock n’ roll Bohemian. Cleo fell in love with this term instantly!


While sipping on delicious drinks and nibbling on small bites, one of the coolest parts of the evening had to be Trish and her awesome team, personally styling us! Pictured above, Emily is wearing the Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Silk Dress (call Neiman Marcus directly for in-store purchase or available online in Garnet or Black at Haute Hippie here); and Cleo is wearing the Lay Me Down Ruffled Halter Long Wrap Dress. Both of us are wearing the Lace Chiffon Floral Cloak (call Neiman Marcus directly for in-store purchase or purchase online at Marissa Collections).


Here is a snap shot of what Emily purchased, all hand selected by Trish and her team. Will post pictures of outfits soon. Everything fit so well and is comfortable but yet cool.

On a side note, Trish is the coolest chick! She was extremely down to Earth, had an amazing sense of humor and is just a true girls girl. Wishing her much success and we will continue to rock Haute Hippie with pride!

Thank you Trish!