HOPE Begins With You!

Wow! We cannot believe it has been over a month since our SoulCycle + City of Hope Charity Ride at SC Brentwood and we are still receiving an outpour of support and kind words from a number of people. We were so touched by everyone who came out that day and/or supported by donating to the cause.

Because of the community’s efforts, we were not only able to achieve a complete sell out of bikes that afternoon, we were able surpass our initial goal of $7,500, for COH’s “Take it Personal Challenge.” With the help of the the Stephenson Family, who agreed to match dollar-for-dollar through June 30th, our total event proceeds  was a whopping $20,465. It just goes to show that when you do good, good will come to you.

 “It’s not how much we give, but how much LOVE we put into giving.”

 - Mother Theresa

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We would like to thank the Rosedale Family for donating the SoulCycle event space and t-shirts making all donations 100% tax-deductible. Also, a big thank you to our gracious sponsors for their generous support.  We were able to provide amazing goodie bags for event participants.  Below is a list of the sponsors with links to their products:

Gloss Moderne 
(Promo Code: GLAMAZE at checkout for 25% discount)
My Other Bag 
(Promo Code: GLAMAZE at checkout for 10% discount)
Skinny Bikini Swimwear
 (Promo Code: GLAMAZE at checkout for a 10% discount)
Kousoulis Chiropractic 
Sweet Bites by Diana Cheng Scheible
(Email inquiries to:
Soul RX 
Purse Case
Cardio Barre Santa Monica 
Tikkun Holistic Spa 


 Please visit to see how you can give back to this amazing organization!